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The Microgaming Health & Care Trust welcomes applications for support from any charity or institution whose activities directly benefit the Isle of Man and its people.

Assistance is usually provided for the development, maintenance and supply of healthcare equipment, but the trust will potentially support any humanitarian cause on the island.

How to apply

To make an application for consideration by the trust, please email:

with as much information as possible about your project,making sure you cover each point below:

  • What is your project all about and how did it get started?
  • If you are applying on behalf of a charity, please state the charity registration number.
  • Please also include a copy of your most recent financial statements.
  • How much funding do you require?
  • Please support your application with documentary evidence (estimates, quotes, etc.) of the funding required.
  • How many people will the funding benefit?
  • To what extent will the amount requested fund your project?
  • Please list all other sources of funding you have approached or plan to approach.
  • What benefit, if any, will your project bring to the wider community of the Isle of Man?

Please note that your application may not be considered if any of the details requested above are not included.