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The Microgaming Health & Care Trust was established in 2002 by Microgaming, the world’s leading developer of online gaming technology. Back then, the trust was known as the Microgaming Hospital Trust. A name change in 2009 was implemented to reflect the organisation’s wider remit; in addition to providing financial support for Noble’s Hospital, the trust assists Manx-registered charities, and health and social care projects across the island.

The trust does not seek funding from the public. Its sole benefactor, Microgaming, has donated more than £800,000 to date. A large proportion of that funding has been used to pay for medical equipment, but more than 50 local charities have received financial support for other purposes

If your project or charity requires assistance, why not get in touch with us to discuss funding? At this stage we need all the information we can get about you and your application, so please provide details.

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Dr. Roy Clague


Dr Roy Clague is Manx born and bred. He graduated from Newcastle University alongside his identical twin brother in 1971 with a degree in medicine (MBBS). Roy trained and worked in major hospitals in Newcastle, Durham and Manchester before he was appointed consultant rheumatologist and honorary clinical lecturer at the Manchester Teaching Hospitals between 1980 and 1991. An expert in his field, Dr Clague is widely published in rheumatology.

Dr. John Wardle


Dr John Wardle qualified at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, where he completed his initial training in pathology as a university lecturer. In 1995, after spending 11 years as a consultant in Wolverhampton, he moved to the Isle of Man. At present, Dr Wardle is consultant in clinical pathology and infection control, trustee of the Isle of Man Medical Research Committee, and director of the Isle of Man Blood Transfusion Service.

John Webster


John Webster is the founder of a number of successful companies that specialise in computer software development, project management, company administration and business consultancy. The entrepreneur is also director of several firms involved in banking, insurance, security, gaming and Internet services. Former roles include economic adviser to the Isle of Man Government (1976-88) and lecturer in economics and management studies (1970-1976).

Barry Smith


Barry qualified as an attorney, conveyancer and notary public in South Africa, where he practised until 2000 before moving to the Isle of Man. Having qualified as a solicitor and Manx advocate, he became the legal director of a large corporate services provider.

Dr Guy Sissons


Dr Guy Sissons has worked as a consultant radiologist at Nobles Hospital since 2008. He has worked in a range of healthcare environments over the last 30 years, most recently in his home city of Chester. His medical training was centred in the West Midlands, with radiology training in Cardiff and Adelaide.

Paul Novellie


Paul Novellie has been practising law for some 30 years, the last 18 of which were as a registered legal practitioner on the Isle of Man. He started his career with a degree in electronic engineering, and subsequently specialised in intellectual property law, qualifying as a South African attorney and patent agent. He recently retired from the roll after a decade as an English solicitor.